Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Original PRB Reading Series @ The Lab & Dawson's Book Shop (2000-2003)

For four years, the PRB hosted 140+ visiting writers over eight seasons. The series was hosted and programmed by Andrew Maxwell and readings were held on Sundays at 4pm, with certain special events held on Fridays or Saturdays at 7:30pm. For the first year, readings were held in the cavernous art space, The Lab, in downtown LA.

In 2001, the series moved to the photo exhibition gallery of Dawsons Book Shop, LA's oldest surviving bookstore, in the Larchmont district of central LA, where it remained for the next three years.

2000 - Spring

Feb 26: Fanny Howe (San Diego) and Tom Raworth (UK)
Mar 18: Jeff Clark (SF) and Brian Lucas (SF)
Apr 8 : Carol Mirakove (LA) and Jordan Davis (NYC)
Apr 13: Hoa Nguyen and Dale Smith (Austin)
Apr 22: Rae Armantrout (San Diego) and Eileen Myles (NY)
Apr 29: John Ashbery (NY) and Peter Gizzi (Santa Cruz) (+ "Odilon Redon" by Guy Maddin)
May 6 : Robert Gluck (SF) and Chris Kraus (LA)
May 20: Avery Burns (SF) and George Albon (SF)

2000 - Fall

Sept 9: Brandon Downing (SF) and David Larsen (Oakland)
Sept 16: Elizabeth Treadwell (SF) and Andrew Maxwell (LA)
Sept 23: Elizabeth Robinson (SF) and Faith Barrett (LA)
Sept 30: Yedda Morrison and Diane Ward (LA)
Oct 14: Jean Day (SF) and Elizabeth Willis (Mass)
Oct 21: Juliana Spahr (Hawaii) and Bill Luoma (NY)
Oct 28: Cole Swenson (Denver) and Todd Baron (LA)
Nov 12: Pattie McCarthy and Kevin Varrone (Phillly) with Therese Bachand (LA)
Nov 18: Barbara Guest and Andrew Joron (Berkeley) with Catherine Daly (LA)
Nov 25: Jennifer Moxley (Maine) and Stephen Cope (San Diego)

2001 - Spring

Jan 27: Tony Lopez (UK) and Dennis Phillips (LA)
Feb 10: Chris Tysh (Detroit) and Joe Ross (San Diego)
Feb 25: Caroline Bergvall (UK) & Martha Ronk (LA)
Mar 18: Ben Friedlander (Maine) & Leonard Schwartz (NYC)
Mar 25: Jen Hofer (Mexico City) and Harryette Mullen (LA)
Apr 1: Tom Devaney (Brooklyn) and Paul Vangelisti (LA)
Apr 22*: Harry Mathews (N.Y.) and Douglas Messerli (L.A.)
Apr 29: Philip Lamantia (SF), John Olson (Seattle) & Will Alexander (L.A.)
May 6: Marcella Durand (N.Y.) and Susan Schultz (Hawaii)
May 13: Norma Cole (SF) and Caroline Crumpacker (NYC)
June 3: Julian Semilian (N.C.) and Mark Salerno (L.A.)

2001 - Fall

Sept 9: Summi Kaipa and Taylor Brady (Bay Area) with Standard Schaefer (L.A.)
Sept 23: Laura Moriarty and Brent Cunningham (Bay Area)
Sept 30: Alvin Lu (SF), Janie Geiser and Lewis Klahr (L.A.)
Oct. 14: Pascalle Monnier and Jacques Darras
Oct. 21: Philippe Beck (Nantes) and Guy Bennett (L.A.)
Oct. 28: Mark Nowak, Martin Nakell and Pasquale Verdicchio
Nov. 11: Roberto Tejada and Kristen Gallagher (Buffalo, NY)
Nov. 18: Prageeta Sharma, Katie Dagentesh and Franklin Bruno
Dec. 2: Jean Fremon and Douglas Messerli (L.A.)
Dec. 9: Charles Alexander (Tuscon)

2002 - Spring

Jan 20: Karen MacCormack & Steve McCaffery (Toronto, both)
Feb 3: Mary Jo Bang (St Louis), Jeff McDaniel (LA) & Chris Stroffolino (Oakland)
Feb 22: Rae Armantrout (San Diego) & Tom Raworth (UK)
Mar 10: Sarah Anne Cox (SF) & Ange Mlinko (NYC)
Mar 15: Stephen Rodefer and Jacques Roubaud (Paris, both)
Mar 29: Michael Davidson (San Diego) & Peter Gizzi (Northampton, MA)
Apr 19: Michael Palmer (SF)
Apr 28: Lisa Lubasch, Barbara Henning & Deborah Meadows (LA)

2002 - Fall

Sept 15: Marc Cholodenko (France) and Kent Johnson (Illinois)
Oct 27: John Tranter (Sydney) and Susan Wheeler
Nov 10: Cecilia Vicuña and Stacy Doris (SF)
Nov 17: Serge Fauchereau (Paris) and Douglas Messerli (L.A.)
Nov 24: Judith Goldman & Jocelyn Saidenberg (SF)
Dec 8: Dodie Bellamy and Kevin Killian (SF)

2003 - Spring

Feb 23: Jerome Rothenberg (San Diego) and Walter K. Lew (L.A.)
Mar 16: Rachel Levitsky (NYC), Dan Machlin (NYC) and Franklin Bruno (LA)
Apr 5: Michel Bulteau, Christophe Fiat, Benjamin Hollander, Cole Swensen
Apr 6: Yves di Manno, Stacy Doris, Eric Giraud, Nathalie Quintane
Apr 20: Ryoko Sekiguchi (Paris) and Abdellatif Laabi (Morocco)
May 18: George Albon (SF) and Daniel Tiffany (LA)
June 1: Jena Osman (Philadelphia) and E. Tracy Grinnell (NYC)

2003 - Fall

Oct 5: Charles North (NYC) and Eileen Myles (San Diego)
Oct 19: Chris Edgar, Sarah Manguso and Jordan Davis (NYC)
Nov 9: Karen Volkman & Molly Bendall (LA)

Other readings/readers (specific dates uncertain):
Eugene Ostashevsky, Macgregor Card, Allyssa Wolf,
Mary Burger, Camille Roy, Renee Gladman