Thursday, May 15, 2008


Notorious rogue Gothamite sampler takes unpleasant detour to clean clocks in the Southland!

Rob Fitterman makes an exception! Long Beach bravo Jane Sprague cuts the ribbon!

Come get a peek at the newest guff factory and prose booster on the block, the POETIC RESEARCH BUREAU in the fetal stage, wriggling like a bookworm in its library music. We'll be building the joint out through the summer, with occasional readings under the heatlamp, only to launch 'big time' in the fall, like stuck-up morning-glories with "good hunch disease"!

Meantime, Ara thinks if we grow beards and promote algorithmic poetry, we may just get into a proper argument. Let's see!

Doors open at 6:30. Reading is 7pm sharp in the theater, and first official pub walk at 8 to abuse your organ meats and carry on the debate!

(Note that Atwater is pre-famous for the highest density of post-chic, murky theme bars in the 5-2-134 triangle. You've never felt "almost there" until you've felt Atwater.)