Friday, June 20, 2008

Triple Canopy Does the PRB

There's a tricky new online magazine that works some of the conceptual digs that magazines like Soft Targets, Cabinet and the Paul Ford-wing of Harper's Online have been staking out this century (in fact, a few of the editors have had gigs at those kindred publications). The joint is called Triple Canopy, dark nod to the private defense contractor of the same name. They've had a few recent coups, including an interview with foreign policy provacateuse Samantha Power and the first complete English translation of the Chilean novelist
Roberto Bolaño's 1999 speech accepting the Rómulo Gallegos Prize.

This month in Issue #2 they feature the Poetic Research Bureau extensively, focusing on the Bureau's concern with derivate poetries and unoriginal literature. This includes contributions from the three directors (Mosconi, Shirinyan and Maxwell), and the summer issue of the quarterly PRB's Directors' Dispatch.

Triple Canopy editors will be visiting LA next weekend, June 27th - 29th, and have an Issue #2 launch at SiteLA on Friday night, plus a reading at Family Bookstore on Fairfax Sunday evening. PRB co-director Andrew Maxwell (c'est moi) will be reading from the Literary Product Trials on Sunday at the bookstore event.

The Bureau presents...

David Buuck & Harold Abramowitz

Saturday, June 28 2008 at 5:00pm


DAVID BUUCK is a contributing editor at Artweek, and teaches at the San Francisco Art Institute & the Language & Thinking program at Bard College. Recent booklets include Ruts, Runts, Between Above & Below, Paranoia Agent, and SITE/CITE/CITY. Full-length books are forthcoming from Palm Press and Tangent. He is the founder of BARGE, the Bay Area Research Group in Enviro-aesthetics, which this summer will present Buried Treasure Island at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts' "Bay Area Now" triennial. He lives in Oakland with his two dogs.

HAROLD ABRAMOWITZ is a writer and teacher from Los Angeles, author of a book, Dear Dearly Departed, forthcoming from Palm Press, a micro-book, Sunday, or a Summer's Day, forthcoming from PS Books, and a chapbook, Three Column Table, from Insert Press. Harold's writing, alone and collaboratively, has appeared in various publications. With Amanda Ackerman, he co-edits the literary project eohippus labs.


Five dollar donation requested (for traveling poets).

Doors open at 4:30pm
Reading starts at 5:00pm

Monday, June 16, 2008

Magazines That Work

1. No magazine should include more than 50pp of work. It should be able to be consumed in one concentrated sitting.

2. No magazine should have a run longer than three years. Magazines should be understood to be ephemeral.

3. A magazine should be the stage for one rather focused idea, or a handful of related themes, rather than a synthetic pulp absorbing everything it touches.

4. A magazine should be issued at least quarterly, to keep its conversation alive.

5. A magazine should be portable, and tend toward smaller formats. Ideally its distribution will be hand-to-hand.

6. A magazine's print runs should be small: no more than 500 copies, and no reprints for at least five years after publication.

7. A magazine is still a fetish object, but its borders needn't necessarily end at the page. It can be germinated publicly in the laboratory of a blog, for example, and pruned at an arbitrary moment when the concentration is right, to maximize the effect or arrival (however accidental) of an idea.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

San Fernando Will Not Forget This Moment

Our previous reminder just didn't cut it––
Even a butcher needs to butt in with the meat.

San Fernando Rd is alive and we don't want to kill it!
So we plant our flunky banner in the street:


Come see Gabriela Jauregui collect herself for the very first time,
in a book no less!

Why would she do it? The narrator puts his monocle on: "by gum, what a strange affair!"

This lady needs a witness!

Or... that's where you come in.

(sound of mental camera a-rolling, crickety-crank)

... ... ...

Walk hard, Starstruck Troopers, and do it our way, cuz as Teddy Bear Berrigan had it:

"My heart Your heart
That's the American Way
& so,


It's the American Way"

Which is why all the 'art guerillas' get out
or get out of the way
to make a day of our post-pedestrianism.

That's what we've come to find out.

Perloff sez Gabriela has "perfect pitch". But we don't buy it!

The sneakiest poets are sharpies or flat-footed, and make a music of the accidentals.

(Here's a perfect pitch, btw!)

R. Duncan: If you haven't entered the dance / you've misunderstood the event.

Did I paraphrase? Well, fuck or walk, maybe I did: This event is new!

Come tell Gabriela to sing off key!

Unlock that responsibility!

& thusly examine: Controlled Decay.

Published by Black Goat / Akashic Books

A Book Release Party for Gabriela Jauregui

Sunday, June 8 2008, 4:30pm

@ The Poetic Research Bureau

3702 San Fernando Rd.

Glendale, CA 91206

Doors open at 4:30pm

Reading starts at 5:00pm

& San Fernando Road Concert events from 5-9pm.

This gig is free. Save your bucks, and buy a book:

It's yr future:

The PRB Vortex. b/c

We've earned it.