Sunday, June 8, 2008

San Fernando Will Not Forget This Moment

Our previous reminder just didn't cut it––
Even a butcher needs to butt in with the meat.

San Fernando Rd is alive and we don't want to kill it!
So we plant our flunky banner in the street:


Come see Gabriela Jauregui collect herself for the very first time,
in a book no less!

Why would she do it? The narrator puts his monocle on: "by gum, what a strange affair!"

This lady needs a witness!

Or... that's where you come in.

(sound of mental camera a-rolling, crickety-crank)

... ... ...

Walk hard, Starstruck Troopers, and do it our way, cuz as Teddy Bear Berrigan had it:

"My heart Your heart
That's the American Way
& so,


It's the American Way"

Which is why all the 'art guerillas' get out
or get out of the way
to make a day of our post-pedestrianism.

That's what we've come to find out.

Perloff sez Gabriela has "perfect pitch". But we don't buy it!

The sneakiest poets are sharpies or flat-footed, and make a music of the accidentals.

(Here's a perfect pitch, btw!)

R. Duncan: If you haven't entered the dance / you've misunderstood the event.

Did I paraphrase? Well, fuck or walk, maybe I did: This event is new!

Come tell Gabriela to sing off key!

Unlock that responsibility!

& thusly examine: Controlled Decay.

Published by Black Goat / Akashic Books

A Book Release Party for Gabriela Jauregui

Sunday, June 8 2008, 4:30pm

@ The Poetic Research Bureau

3702 San Fernando Rd.

Glendale, CA 91206

Doors open at 4:30pm

Reading starts at 5:00pm

& San Fernando Road Concert events from 5-9pm.

This gig is free. Save your bucks, and buy a book:

It's yr future:

The PRB Vortex. b/c

We've earned it.