Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Poetic Research Bureau presents...

Cotner, Fitch & Krilanovich

Saturday, December 11 @ 951 Chung King Rd in Chinatown.

Lest the trio of names ring otherwise, they've arrived not to do your taxes or plan your estate -- but rather to ring the bells on a new PRB doorhandle, and kick our portable Tinguely machine into motion, once again.

Messrs Jon Cotner and Andy Fitch, hailing from NYC and Wyoming respectively, reanimate "pedestrian" literature in the recent UDP book, Ten Walks / Two Talks, a sneaky zigzag amid improvised thought maps and urban space, giving new swerve to the kinematic and analytic in a peripatetic tradition as old as toga parties or the buddy film. We'll leave it to Jon and Andy to unwind who is trucker and who is chimp in this glad dyad, but they're sure to blow up our chatroom with buggy repartee and collaborative intoxication, while the city nevertheless survives them like it does all fantasy creatures stumbling down alleyways in mothraic parade march.

And talk about creature (first) features -- dig Grace Krilanovich's consumptive thought burble of a book, The Orange Eats Creeps. It's a sort of "this land is your land and we'll eat it alive" reclamation project, populated by soul-starved anarcho-punks bumrushing the hobo costumes and mind trips, getting jumped and jumping everything that looks like meat and magic carpets. If the Twilight Saga were directed by Larry Clark in the drop-dead Gus Van Sant secular no-place of a Pacific Northwest instead of that CGI mattework substitute --  if the nevergonnadie tweens-with-fangs were huffing black light paint in gas station bathroom killzones like Gary Gilmore in a literary panic, you'd maybe grok the departure point for this choose-your-wrong-adventure novel. 

Need more breadcumbs? Ok, this one. And this one. And this.

Still hungry? Good. 

These are the new kids -- this is our new place. And no one gonna take the body down. But you can come and give it new lungs Saturday night.

Saturday Dec 11, 2010 at 7:30pm

@ The Poetic Research Bureau
951 Chung King Road
LA, CA 90012

Doors open at 7:00pm
Reading starts at 7:30pm

$5 donation requested. All funds go to the authors.