Sunday, January 9, 2011

Belz, Maxwell, Meadows, Schultz: Sun Jan 9

"A Chavez Ravine Reunion Quartet"

If you weren't one of the 200+ who socked into ArtShare last night to try on 70 poets-in-a-can, which was quite delicious, maybe you want to stretch out this afternoon, and listen to four of them read in the cozier compound of the Poetic Research Bureau in Chinatown.

Aaron Belz, Andrew Maxwell, Deborah Meadows, and Susan Schultz are just four baseball enthusiasts who last were all together for a Dodgers game, and suddenly -- all in one place again in an offseason freeze -- decided to do that other thing they do: scribble and mumble in public.

(Baseball poems not necessarily included.)

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Aaron Belz is the author of three books, including Lovely, Raspberry and The Bird Hoverer.

Andrew Maxwell co-directs the PRB, has edited some magazines and hosts several of his chapbooks at

Deborah Meadows is the author of many books, including Goodbye Tissues and involutia.

Susan Schultz edits Tinfish magazine and press, and her books include Dementia Blog and Memory Cards & Adoption Papers.

Poetic Research Bureau @ The Public School
951 Chung King Rd, Chinatown, LA, CA