Friday, July 29, 2011

Kate Durbin, Mathew Timmons & Lysette Simmons @ Royal/T Cafe

For one night only we're moving the Poetic Research Bureau across town to Culver City, Heart of Screenland, where many an episode of Laurel and Hardy and Our Gang was filmed.

It's a special event put on by my favorite Los Angeles barrista, Yeekai Lim of Cognoscenti Coffee. There will be food, coffee and of course poetry. Though the poetry portion of the evening is free, the food and coffee pairings will be a ticketed event, so please purchase your tickets early.

The readings will start promptly at 7pm.

Kate Durbin, Mathew Timmons and Lysette Simmons @ Royal/T Cafe
Wednesday, August 3, 2011
Royal/T Cafe
8910 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232


Order tickets via Eventbrite: 

A unique tasting event featuring seasonal coffees selected by Yeekai Lim of Cognoscenti Coffee and food pairing curated by distinguished cheese monger Sebastian Robin Craig, Jessica Koslow of SQIRL confiture, Na Young of Proof Bakery and Royal/T and a poetry reading by the Poetic Research Bureau (at 7pm).

Each $18 ticket will include the following 3 courses of food paired with coffees (Gratuity not included):

1st Course

Lacinato Kale Salad with SQIRL's preserved Meyer lemons, French radish, toasted pumpkin seeds, Santa Rosa plum dressing, dark rye crispbread and Lou Rey raw sheep Basque cheese

Ethiopia Welena Suke Quto, served cold 

Coffee Flavor Profile
Intensely floral fragrances introduce a cup layered with citrus, tangerine, blood oranges, and pink lemonade. A sweet and clear cup. 

2nd Course

Cheese plate featuring: 

- Delice de Bourgogne, Cow milk, Burgundy, France. This is a ripe triple creme. The paste is soft, dense, sweet and lightly peppery.
- Faux Valençay, goat milk, France. Pasteurized mold-ripened chèvre from the Loire Valley in the central western region of France.
- Testun D’Ocelli, goat and cow milk, Piemonte, Italy. The Testun is rinded with nebbiolo must. It is permeated with the scent of dark berries. The paste is dense, flaky and a little sweet.
- SQIRL's homemade pickled vegetables, Loquat/Nocino spread and Proof’s Concord grape focaccia 

Kenya Murang'a Theri, served hot & Costa Rica La Concha Typica, served cold

Coffee Flavor Profiles
Kenya - Lychee and candied lemon fragrance introduce bursting key lime acidity in this sweet and creamy cup.
Costa Rica - Apricot blossom and rose fragrances are at the forefront of this coffee, introducing a cup heavy with ripe peach, tangerine and hibiscus.

3rd Course

Pastel Vasco - A rich buttery cake from the Basque region of Spain, filled with SQIRL confitures' strawberry rose jam

Colombia Bruselas Libardo Piedrahita ML, served hot.

Coffee Flavor Profile
Green and muscat grape acidity emerge out of a dense cup of cocoa, sweet malt, and molasses. 


Rancho Del Sol Farms - Meyer Lemons
Flora Bella Farms - Plums
Murray Farms - Concord Grapes
McGrath Farms - Seascape Strawberries
Shear Rock Farms - Pickled Vegetables
Earthtrine Farm - Loquats

Cognoscenti Coffee was founded by architect Yeekai Lim, who launched a pop-up coffeehouse called Cognoscenti Coffee at Urban Eats, a restaurant he designed in Burbank. He transitioned to Blue Dot yogurt shop in Eagle Rock before accepting a permanent residency in the marble-countered confines of Atwater Village’s Proof Bakery, where he brews Four Barrel Coffee.

Sebastian Robin Craig is a cheese monger and restaurant professional who has worked for some of California's most outstanding purveyors of fine cuisine.

Sqirl's owner Jessica Koslow works with farmers within a 200 mile radius of Los Angeles who cultivate their land with the intention of letting the product (many of which are heirloom varietals on the Ark of Taste) speak to its environment. The preserves are then made consciously with minimal organic cane sugar and naturally occurring pectin in copper jam pans handspun by an instate coppersmith. The result is unique; not only portraying the wealth and diversity of California's crops and its generous growing seasons, but also reminding us of the value in the antique process of preservation.

In November 2010, Proof Bakery opened its doors with one
very specific vision: to uphold traditional, craft-baking techniques in
creating exceptional baked goods. Combining quality local ingredients
with Chef/Owner Na Young Ma’s passion for perfection, Proof makes each
item in small batches and offers a seasonally-driven menu to provide the
Atwater Village neighborhood with an ever changing array of sweets, savories,
and everything in between.

The Poetic Research Bureau attempts to cultivate composition, publication and distribution strategies that enlarge the public domain. It favors appropriations, impersonations, 'compost' poetries, belated conversations, unprintable jokes and doodles, 'unoriginal' literature, historical thefts and pastiche. The publication emphasis is on ephemeral works, short-run magazines and folios, short-lived reprints and excerpts in print-on-demand formats, and the occasional literary fetish objects. The Bureau also hosts a reading series at 951 Chung King Rd in Chinatown. Tonight the Bureau presents the work of writers Kate Durbin, Mathew Timmons and Lysette Simmons. The poetry reading will start promptly at 7pm in the back room and it's free. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Joe Milutis Reading & Lecture

One of the organizing principles of the Poetic Research Bureau is to provide a space for last-minute readings or lectures for poets and scholars who happen to be passing through town. Well we're having our first last-minute reading and lecture this Sunday evening with Joe Milutis. Since it's Sunday night, we'll be starting a little earlier than usual: 6pm. Take note!

Joe Milutis is a writer and media artist who works within a variety of hybrid forms. Recent work includes the glitch media experimental narrative-collaborative writing-"novellina spamflicitata"-installation The Torrent as well as the conceptual-media-essay-with-book-inside The Quiddities, and the sound-poem-translation-politico-porno-novel-manifesto-grotesque Mao Vincit Omnia. He teaches experimental writing and media at the University of Washington-Bothell.

Sunday July 10, 2011

The PRB @ The Public School
951 Chung King Rd.
Los Angeles, CA

Doors open at 5:30pm
Event starts promptly at 6:00pm.

$5 donation requested