Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall is Icumen In

Just a note that your mole-ish and absentee Directors are coming out of their summery haze and putting together the fall playlist for the PRB this week. Shindigs begin in October, and should play out through fall and into the holidays.

Not everything is completely finalized yet -- and as always we welcome wayfaring strangers and last minute appeals. The Bureau is your 99th nervous occasional plateau, so make your own. If you dig our scene, we got room in the middle.

Two gigs are for certain in October. We're joining up with the Charlie James Gallery just a couple doors down from the Public School to host Peter Gizzi, out from Western Mass with his new book Threshold Songs, on October 8 (7:30pm). He'll be cohabiting with Richard Kraft's new exhibition in the Gallery, a fixed explosive novel named Something With Birds in It. Then, two weeks later, on October 22 (7:30pm), we'll be hosting Chicago's Daniel Borzutsky, a poet, translator and fiction writer who recently came out with a new collection: The Book of Interfering Bodies. He'll be accompanied by LA's own Tisa Bryant.

Keep a close watch on the little floating calendar in the upper right of the PRB blog. That's where it all takes shape, as irregularly as ever.

Hugs, yr PRB Directors.