Thursday, December 11, 2014

Divya Victor & Brad Flis

The Poetic Research Bureau presents...


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Poetic Research Bureau 
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Chinatown, Los Angeles

Divya Victor is the author of Natural Subjects (Trembling Pillow, 2015), UNSUB (Insert/Blanc, 2015), Things To Do With Your Mouth (Les Figues, 2014), Swift Taxidermies 1919-1922 (GaussPDF, 2014), Goodbye John! On John Baldessari (GaussPDF, 2012), PUNCH (GaussPDF, 2011) and Partial Derivative of the Unnameable (Troll Thread, 2012); and the chapbooks Hellocasts by Vanessa Place (2011) and SUTURES (2009). She lives in the United States and Singapore.

Brad Flis is a Torontonian who has recently moved to San Diego from Detroit. He first met Divya Victor in Buffalo though he was reading her poetry in Northampton when she lived in Philadelphia. He teaches at a community college in Chula Vista and busses to Ensenada twice a month. He has written books with Patrick Lovelace Editions and 1913 Press. He's glad to be here.