Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sat Night: Hearts of Palm! Pablo Lopez & Tom Trudgeon

Dear Friends, Friends of Other Friends, Friends of More Friends:

Join us for Hearts Of Palm no. 6: House Music Lounge Edition with Pablo Lopez and Tom Trudgeon at PRBizzle. Both will read, one will sing, and we can hang for the love of heaven, knives (Tom's passion), and all things dead and undead. Again there will be real food like cake and hearts of palm. Not again will there be another major UFO siting like a few months ago. Again and not again, we hope to see you!

Pablo Lopez lives in Los Angeles, and coedits an online journal (comma, poetry) that features innovative work in English and translation. He is the author of NUMBERS (called back books).

Tom Trudgeon is a writer, artist, editor and curator from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County. His work has been presented in multiple platforms and venues. He is co-editor w/ Gil Gentile of Basic Editions Press.

Poetic Research Bureau
Chung-King Road
Chinatown, LA

Saturday, February 27

Hearts (of palm),

Feliz Lucia Molina


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