Sunday, February 14, 2016

Saturday Night: Angel Dominguez, Eric Sneathen & Angela Ina Peñaredondo

A book release party for


Black Lavender Milk by Angel Dominguez is brand new from Timeless Infinite Light.
Black Lavender Milk is an experimental lyric that dreamt of becoming a novel only to wake up as notebook. Employing and smudging elements of poetry, prose and memoir, Black Lavender Milk offers the space of a “novel” as a site of mourning, inquiry and recuperation. Through a complex, hypnotic blur of language, the lyric-as-novel functions as an extended meditation on Writing in relation to the Body; Time, Loss, Ancestry and Dreaming. 


Angel Dominguez is a Latinx Los Angeles born writer and performance artist forming Dzonots with notebooks along the California coast. His work can be found in The Berkeley Poetry Review, The Bombay Gin, and online at Open House Poetry and, with work forthcoming in FENCE. He was the co-founding editor of Tract/Trace: an investigative journal, and presently curates the ongoing series: Bodies/Pages. Along with Hannah Kezema, he co-founded the performance art collaborative: Dream Tigers. Black Lavender Milk is his first book.

Eric Sneathen is a poet and PhD student who splits his time between Santa Cruz and Oakland. He curates and assembles Macaroni Necklace, a DIY literary zine and reading series based in the Bay Area that focuses (mostly) on writers and text-based visual artists who have yet to publish a full-length manuscript. His book, Snail Poems, is forthcoming from Krupskaya in 2016, and his poems have been published by Mondo Bummer, The Equalizer, Elderly, and Faggot Journal.

Born in Iloilo City, Philippines, Angela Peñaredondo is a poet and artist. She received her MFA from the University of California, Riverside. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Margins, Four War Review, Southern Humanities Review, Tuesday: An Art Project and elsewhere. She is also a VONA/Voices of Our Nations Art fellow. Angela has a chapbook titled, Maroon (Jamii Publishing). Her first full-length collection, All Things Lose Thousands of Times won the Regional Hillary Gravendyk Poetry Prize and will be released this year.


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