Monday, March 12, 2018

Saturday, March 17: Melissa Mack, Baby & an. cinquepalmi

The Poetic Research Bureau presents...

Melissa Mack
& an. cinquepalmi

Saturday, March 17 2018

Doors 7:30pm
Event 8pm


Melissa Mack
is a poet and working person whose book The Next Crystal Text is just out from Timeless, Infinite Light. Recent poems appear in Elderly and forthcoming from 1913 Journal. Her chapbook Includes All Strangers was published by Hooke Press in 2013. Other earlier work includes poems and other writings in ATTN:, The Capilano Review, Try!, With+Stand, the anthologies What We Want: A List of Our Fucking Demands (Small Press Traffic) and Catechism: Poems for Pussy Riot (PEN America), Poet’s Theater, the Alette in Oakland conference, and the Oscar Grant Plaza Gazette. She loves collective learning, participates in multiple reading groups, and helped organize the Bay Area Public School and the Oakland Free University. She lives and works in Oakland.

("BABY" is) (uhhhh) (tryin so hard to be treasonous) (uhhhhh) (no reason, treason) (uhhhh not really) (not really at all) (is that ronald) (omg omg omg) (thats ronald) (ronald macdonald) (yea its ronald macdonald) (as in: big macs) (as in: hamburgers) (naw naw naw) (no: no: no) (as in: president of the united states of america) (hail the chief) (once upon a time) (once upon a time) (once upon a time we lived happily ever after)

an. cinquepalmi

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