Thursday, September 6, 2018

Friday, September 7: Carla Harryman & Deborah Meadows (with Gray Palmer)

Hosted by Harold Abramowitz & Andrea Quaid

Doors 7:30pm
Reading 8pm


Carla Harryman is a poet, experimental prose writer, essayist, performance writer and collaborator in multi-disciplinary performance. She is known for her boundary breaking investigations of genre, non/narrative poetics, and text-based performance. The influence of improvised music, electronic sampling, and collaborative practices animate her recent works. Publications from 2018 include the two volumes Sue in Berlin and Sue á Berlin (trans. Sabine Huynh), a collection of performance writings and poet’s theater plays composed between 2001-2015 and released by PURH “To Series” in separate English and French volumes. In an interview for Décharge the author describes the work as “first an event of listening, tracking itself on the more abstract, musical plane, which carries the figurative, fanciful, philosophical, playful, drastic, and political aspects of its non/narrative.” A score for speaking voices and manual typewriters used as musical instruments was also published in a bi-lingual edition in 2018, byjoca seria, as L’Impromptu de Hannah/Hannah Cut In. Hannah Cut In premiered in performance at University Art Museum, Berkeley in 2017. Harryman’s Poets Theater, interdisciplinary, and bi-lingual performances have been presented nationally and internationally. In 2012 she performed (with pianist Magda Mayas) Occupying Theodor W. Adorno’s “Music and New Music,” a Re-performance, as the closing keynote of dOCUMENTA 13’sWhat Is Thinking program in Kassel, Germany. A current essay project focuses on arenas of hope and negativity in a durational project, “Letters Not about Hope.” A manifestation of this project is Artifact of Hope, published in Kenning Edition’s Ordinance Series in 2017. Of this work, reviewer Piotr Gwiazda comments, “As she turns philosophy into poetry, “thinking” into “making,” [Harryman] crosses many boundaries: linguistic, cultural, national, ideological, generic, disciplinary. The point for her is to retrieve something useful, even provisionally so, from the work, to make the encounter active, dialogic, even dialectical…” She was born in California, where she has spent much of her life. She currently lives in Detroit and is a Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature at Eastern Michigan University. She also serves on the MFA faculty of the Milton Avery School of the Arts at Bard College.

Deborah Meadows is the author of numerous books of poetry and lives with her husband in Los Angeles’ Arts District. Her recent book titled Lecture Notes: A duration poem in twelve parts is derived from public lectures at Cal Tech interleaved with excerpts from poets, artists, and thinkers and with daily news items from the day of the lecture and one item a decade later. Excerpts of her play “Dragon Boat” (to be performed at PRB with Gray Palmer) explore Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, Antony and Cleopatra, and Dragon Boat traditions practiced globally and nearby in Long Beach, California. Published by Journal of Poetics Research.

Gray Palmer is a writer, composer, director, and performer based in Los Angeles. His plays have been presented by Padua Playwrights, Pharmacy, Sharon's Farm, Machine Project, and Gunfighter Nation. His one-act, Plan B, is included in You Might Be the Person I Am Talking To, from Padua Press, and his reviews and features are posted online at Stage Raw.

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