Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sunday, April 7: @SEA 19: colonies // communities

The Poetic Research Bureau's live magazine is back next Sunday afternoon to renew last month's themes of community, neighborhoods, immigration, and colonization, with a particular eye this time on California neighborhoods and communities, from LA to the Bay Area.

We'll screen local filmmaker David de Rozas's short film Give, portraying an alternative archive of African-American history in a San Francisco parish, and a new video work by Billie Soo Hoo tracing family lives in LA's Chinatown. We'll also pay tribute to Agnès Varda's recent passing with a screening of her short, Uncle Yanco, showing Varda tracking down a Greek emigrant relative she's never met in the late 60s bohemia of Sausalito.

Meanwhile, one of our city's great poets-of-place, Sesshu Foster, will give a reading from recent work, while local journalist & neighborhood historian Hadley Meares will give a talk on a less-remembered generation of Angelenos – the French immigrants that inhabited Downtown and Chinatown for much of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when LA's mayors had French surnames, vineyards ringed where Union Station stands now, and Vignes was the name of a winemaker, not just a neighborhood offramp to feed drivers to local bail bonds companies.

* * *

@SEA #19

colonies // communities

A reading by Sesshu Foster from City of the Future and recent work

A talk by Hadley Meares on the French colonies & communities 
of early Los Angeles and present New Chinatown

Screenings of three short films & videos:

David de Rozas
Billie Soo Hoo
Agnès Varda

* * *

Sunday, April 7th

Doors open 12:30

Program 1-3pm

Free & open to the public.

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