Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Saturday, November 16: Chelsea Rector, Jeremy Kennedy & Benjamin Bekey

Doors 7:30pm
Reading 8pm


Chelsea Rector, Jeremy Kennedy, and Benjamin Bekey will present their contributions and respective "cry lists" to celebrate the recent release Cry List (Rebel Hands Press - 2019), a collection of essays on the topic of crying, along with a variety show of poetic conversations. Tearful tunings and real realizations with absurdity stirred in. Tissues issued.


Chelsea Rector is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles, CA. She has worked in experimental theater with Medium Judith and the Godawfful National Theater Company, co-founding the movement ensemble BEST FRIENDS in 2014 and the P/SICHO ST. THEATER COMPANY in 2018. Her writing has appeared in The Los Angeles Press where she is a guest editor and she is the Assistant Managing Editor for Rebel Hands Press. In winter, 2019 Rebel Hands Press will publish her forthcoming book, On Being Mean.

Since the late 1990’s, Jeremy Kennedy has been creating and exhibiting artwork, sounds and concepts in both community and academic settings. Before moving to Los Angeles in 2009, the multidisciplinary artist spent over a decade living and working in Bloomington, Indiana. Kennedy is an active visual artist, writer, and sound-maker, as well as co-founder and playwright with P/Sicho Street Theatre Company, and a founding editor of Rebel Hands Press.

Benjamin Bekey is a writer and performer, concerned with drawing meaning from the failures and limitations of language and communication. He lives in Los Angeles.


About the book:

Cry List

Contributors: Chelsea Rector, Jamie Iacoli, Jeremy Kennedy, Sammi Skolmoski, William Gass

Photography: Ang Wilson

Crying is nothing other than itself. Metaphor is a construct that brings crying out of itself… These essays are accounts of crying, and the essay lists are not metaphors. It is a way for the authors to say that these things have taken them, emotionally, directly. No metaphors. What these essays account is the form of agitation we call crying. From joy to sorrow, the items listed explore the questions, what does it take/what makes us cry?. The lists are a conceptual framework, organizing the otherwise indomitable act of crying.

The essays each list five items that make the authors cry… Unlimited in range, about the tangible or abstract, the essays also ask you, the reader, to think about when you cry. Cry List is a collection of insights on opening the hermetically sealed core of crying through connection with another form of expression that appears outside the body. Scored throughout with watery photographic notation, Cry List assembles a world of feeling, tangential to objective reality.

~ Edition: 100
Rebel Hands Press (2019)

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