Sunday, November 24, 2019

Thank you for another wild year!

In 2019, the Poetic Research Bureau hosted 140+ writers, artists and filmmakers. With our partners, the Public School LA and RAD! Residencies, 951 Chung King Road opened its doors for more than 80 events!

Since our first reading in February of 2000, PRB programs have always been free and open to all comers. The space is funded entirely on donations and out-of-pocket cash. If it looks like the Bureau is mostly the result of two slowly greying oddballs continuing to lurk near the light-switches, chuckle at the podium and roll out countless programs for devotees of the "difficult arts", well, it's admittedly that. But if it looks and feels like a lot more than that, that's because you, our dear friends – community and audience – make it everything else.

Which is a crazy lot after all this time!

Once or twice a year, we pipe up to ask y'all to throw some coin into our realm, and December is one of those times. We're super frugal with your contributions, we promise. Every donation goes to rent, utilities, insurance and the free beverages and comestibles we provide for our visitors. $20,000 funds us for the whole year; $10,000 gets us to summer recess. It's a pretty modest sum given that thousands of people each year come through the doors. And RAD! and TPS ride along as fellow travelers.

The PRB will reopen in January, and the calendar is already filling up. In the meantime, please remember us for the holidays, and send a tax-deductible donation by punching this big-ass donation button here:

Your pals,
Joe & Andrew

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