Thursday, January 30, 2020

Saturday, February 1: James Sherry, Bruna Mori & Ross Goodwin

The Poetic Research Bureau presents....


Celebrating the release of Bruna Mori and Ross Goodwin's new books POETRY FOR CORPORATIONS and 1 THE ROAD.


Saturday, February 1 2020

Doors 7:30pm
Reading 8pm


* NOTE: Celebrations for Chinese New Year, the year of the rat, will be taking place in Chinatown. Parking will be at a premium, so consider taking a cab, ride share, or Metro (the Gold Line stops in Chinatown a few blocks from the Bureau).


James Sherry is the author of 13 books of poetry and prose, most recently The Oligarch (London: Palgrave MacMillan, 2017) and the poetry book Entangled Bank (Victoria, TX: Chax Press, 2016). Since 1976, he has edited Roof Books and Roof Magazine, publishing more than 150 titles of seminal works of language writing, flarf, conceptual poetry, new narrative, and environmental poetry. He started The Segue Foundation, Inc. in 1977, producing over 10,000 events of poetry and other arts in New York City. Tonight, he’ll read from his new manuscript, Selfie: Ecology & Individuals, forthcoming from Palgrave this year.

Bruna Mori is a writer and educator preoccupied with spatial discourses. Her drifts of cities and suburbs are Dérive (Meritage Press) and Beige (Upset Press). Her most recent drift of the commodity, Poetry for Corporations (Insert Blanc Press), reclaims her ghostwritten copy or "maximum normcore stock culture 4 your office's best waiting areas.” A graduate of UCSD and Bard College, she presently lives in San Diego where she teaches at UCSD and Woodbury School of Architecture, and writes mainly for arts institutions and nonprofits.

"Not a poet. Artist, creative technologist, hacker, gonzo data scientist, writer of writers. Former Obama administration ghostwriter. Employs machine learning, natural language processing, other computational tools to realize new forms & interfaces for written language." A graduate of MIT and NYU, Ross Goodwin uses sensors to generate poetry, screenplays, and literary travel fiction, including the generative poem "Please Feed the Lions," a collaboration with Es Devlin and Google Arts and Culture projected in Trafalgar Square; "Sunspring," a Sci-Fi short film with Thomas Middleditch, and 1 the Road (Jean Boîte Éditions), the first experimental roadtrip novel written by an AI.

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