Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Saturday, September 22: Emmalea Russo, Pascalle Burton & Katherine Coldiron

The Poetic Research Bureau presents...


Saturday, September 22

Doors 7:30pm
Reading 8pm


Emmalea Russo is an interdisciplinary artist and writer living at the New Jersey coast. Using language, sculpture, and photography, she explores edge spaces in physical environments and human consciousness. She is the author of several chapbooks, most recently in collaboration with Michael Newton, Eternal Apprentice (DoubleCross Press, 2016) and an artist book entitled they (Gauss PDF, 2014). She has performed her iterative slide presentation, Units of Plexiglass, an edit, at Poets House, Ugly Duckling Presse, and Flying Object and she presented a talk on Robert Seydel at the Queens Museum. She has an MFA in Writing from Vermont College and an MFA in Sculpture from Pratt Institute. Her first book, G, is forthcoming from Futurepoem in 2018. Her second book, Wave Archive, is forthcoming from BookThug in 2019. She was a participant in Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Workspace program from 2016-2017.

Pascalle Burton is a poet and performer with an interest in conceptual art and cultural theory. Her collection 'About the Author is Dead' is available from Cordite Books. Projects include UN/SPOOL (with Nathan Shepherdson), 24 Hour Gym (with Tessa Rose), and performing in the band The Stress of Leisure. Her work has appeared in journals and anthologies, such as Australian Book Review, Australian Poetry Journal, Clan Analogue, Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetry, Overland, Sod and V+L-A=K. For more information, visit https://pascalleburton.wordpress.com/.

Katharine Coldiron's work has appeared in Ms., the Guardian, VIDA, the Kenyon Review, the Los Angeles Review of Books, BUST, and elsewhere. She runs an author interview series on Entropy, "Books I Hate (and Also Some I Like)", and her essay "The Girl on the Bike" was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by the Rumpus. She lives in California and blogs at The Fictator.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Saturday, Sept 15: blake nemec, Erick Sáenz & Ash Ponders

The Poetic Research Bureau presents...

ASH PONDERS (reading the work of DIANA MORÁN)


Saturday, September 15 2018
Doors 7:30pm
Reading 8pm


blake nemec is a writer, teacher & sound artist who lives in Chicago. Sharing Plastic is hir hybrid poetry/fiction debut, & he has been featured in situations like the NOPF, JUPITER 88, the Red Rover Reading Series, the Rio Grande Review, Captive Genders, or the SF Queer Arts Performance Festival. He received an MFA from the UTEP and is a Lambda Literary Fellow. He has long worked as a sound recordist in queer independent movies, such as the documentary FREE CeCE! Hir work obsesses on the extraordinary musicality of everyday conversations by unprotected workers, pansexuals, & gender non-conforming people.

Panamanian poet and radical activist, Diana Morán, created her major works in the tumult of the 1960s and '70s. Despite winning the first Ricardo Miró National Literature Award for poetry, she was forced into exile as an active Marxist by the successive conservative and reformist military coups that overthrew the preceding government in the late '60s. Labeled a criminal reactionary by Torrijos and Noriega, Morán found a permanent home-in-exile in Mexico City, teaching at the Metropolitan Autonomous University. She passed away in 1987; her cremains were secretly scattered into the Panama Canal in 2004.

Panamanian multimedia artist Ash Ponders lives in the Sonoran Desert making visuals for newspapers and art galleries. His recent work has been covered by the New York Times, BBC, CNN and Teen Vogue. In his spare time he translates poems, chases hot air balloons, teaches firearms safety, and tutors adults in both Spanish and English.

Erick Sáenz is a 1st generation Latinx writer and English teacher from Los Angeles. He's the founding editor of Lilac Press, a small imprint dedicated to DIY ethics. He was previously a contributing editor for the online magazine Cheers from the Wasteland. In addition to several self-released chapbooks and zines, his writing has appeared in Entropy, Alien Mouth, Elderly Magazine, Pinball, Hobart Pulp, Five:2:One Magazine, and others. His first book SUSURROS A MI PADRE is forthcoming via The Operating System.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Saturday, September 8: Julian Talamantez Brolaski, Rodney Koeneke & Jos Charles

The Poetic Research Bureau presents...


Saturday, September 8, 2018

Doors 7:30pm
Reading 8pm


Julian Talamantez Brolaski’s most recent book is Of Mongrelitude (Wave Books, 2017), which was recently shortlisted for a Lambda Literary Award for Transgender Poetry. It is also the author of Advice for Lovers (City Lights 2012) and Gowanus Atropolis (Ugly Duckling Presse 2011), coediter of NO GENDER: Reflections on the Life & Work of kari Edwards, as well as lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the Brooklyn-based Juan & the Pines and Oakland-based The Western Skyline. Julian is currently at work as an editor on The Apache Pollen Path (forthcoming from University of New Mexico Press) with its grandmother, Inés Talamantez. It maintains a blog of handwritten poems here:https://julianspoems.tumblr.com/

Rodney Koeneke's latest book of poems, Body & Glass, is just out from Wave Books. Other collections include Etruria (Wave Books, 2014), Musee Mechanique (BlazeVOX, 2006), and Rouge State (Pavement Saw, 2003). His work has appeared in The Brooklyn Rail, Fence, Granta, Harper’s, Harriet, The Nation, Poetry, Zyzzyva, and elsewhere. An early member of the Flarf collective, he was active in the Bay Area poetry scene until moving to Portland, Oregon in 2006, where he teaches in the History Department at Portland State University.

Jos Charles is author of feeld, a winner of the 2017 National Poetry Series, and Safe Space. She is a recipient of the 2016 Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellowship. Charles has an MFA from the University of Arizona and is pursuing a PhD in English from UC Irvine.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Friday, September 7: Carla Harryman & Deborah Meadows (with Gray Palmer)

Hosted by Harold Abramowitz & Andrea Quaid

Doors 7:30pm
Reading 8pm


Carla Harryman is a poet, experimental prose writer, essayist, performance writer and collaborator in multi-disciplinary performance. She is known for her boundary breaking investigations of genre, non/narrative poetics, and text-based performance. The influence of improvised music, electronic sampling, and collaborative practices animate her recent works. Publications from 2018 include the two volumes Sue in Berlin and Sue á Berlin (trans. Sabine Huynh), a collection of performance writings and poet’s theater plays composed between 2001-2015 and released by PURH “To Series” in separate English and French volumes. In an interview for Décharge the author describes the work as “first an event of listening, tracking itself on the more abstract, musical plane, which carries the figurative, fanciful, philosophical, playful, drastic, and political aspects of its non/narrative.” A score for speaking voices and manual typewriters used as musical instruments was also published in a bi-lingual edition in 2018, byjoca seria, as L’Impromptu de Hannah/Hannah Cut In. Hannah Cut In premiered in performance at University Art Museum, Berkeley in 2017. Harryman’s Poets Theater, interdisciplinary, and bi-lingual performances have been presented nationally and internationally. In 2012 she performed (with pianist Magda Mayas) Occupying Theodor W. Adorno’s “Music and New Music,” a Re-performance, as the closing keynote of dOCUMENTA 13’sWhat Is Thinking program in Kassel, Germany. A current essay project focuses on arenas of hope and negativity in a durational project, “Letters Not about Hope.” A manifestation of this project is Artifact of Hope, published in Kenning Edition’s Ordinance Series in 2017. Of this work, reviewer Piotr Gwiazda comments, “As she turns philosophy into poetry, “thinking” into “making,” [Harryman] crosses many boundaries: linguistic, cultural, national, ideological, generic, disciplinary. The point for her is to retrieve something useful, even provisionally so, from the work, to make the encounter active, dialogic, even dialectical…” She was born in California, where she has spent much of her life. She currently lives in Detroit and is a Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature at Eastern Michigan University. She also serves on the MFA faculty of the Milton Avery School of the Arts at Bard College.

Deborah Meadows is the author of numerous books of poetry and lives with her husband in Los Angeles’ Arts District. Her recent book titled Lecture Notes: A duration poem in twelve parts is derived from public lectures at Cal Tech interleaved with excerpts from poets, artists, and thinkers and with daily news items from the day of the lecture and one item a decade later. Excerpts of her play “Dragon Boat” (to be performed at PRB with Gray Palmer) explore Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, Antony and Cleopatra, and Dragon Boat traditions practiced globally and nearby in Long Beach, California. Published by Journal of Poetics Research.

Gray Palmer is a writer, composer, director, and performer based in Los Angeles. His plays have been presented by Padua Playwrights, Pharmacy, Sharon's Farm, Machine Project, and Gunfighter Nation. His one-act, Plan B, is included in You Might Be the Person I Am Talking To, from Padua Press, and his reviews and features are posted online at Stage Raw.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Saturday, August 25: Lynn Xu, Joshua Edwards, Vi Khi Nao

The Poetic Research Bureau presents:


Saturday, August 25, 2018

Doors 7:30pm
Reading 8pm


Lynn Xu is the author of Debts & Lessons, which was a finalist for the L.A. Times Book Prize. She's a professor in the Society of Fellows at the University of Chicago and co-edits Canarium Books.
Joshua Edwards is the author of several books of poetry, including Imperial NostalgiasArchitecture for Travelers, and Castles and Islands. He lives in West Texas and Chicago, where he works as a bookseller and directs Canarium Books.

Vi Khi Nao was born in Long Khánh, Vietnam. She is the author of Sheep Machine (Black Sun Lit, 2018), Umbilical Hospital (1913 Press, 2017), the story collection A Brief Alphabet of Torture, which won FC2’s Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Prize in 2016, the novel Fish In Exile (Coffee House Press, 2016), and The Old Philosopher, which won the Nightboat Books Prize for Poetry in 2014. 


Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Friday, August 3: alex cruse, Paul Ebenkamp, Kevin Lo, Nicholas Komodore

The Poetic Research Bureau presents...


Friday, August 3, 2018

Doors 7:30pm
Reading 8pm


alex cruse is an Oakland-based writer and artist. Her first book, CONTRAVERSE, was published in 2017 by Timeless, Infinite Light. She is the gallery curator of Artists' Television Access in San Francisco, and also does anti-repression work throughout the Bay. cruse performs with Kevin Lo in the multidisciplinary experiment DROUGHT SPA.

Paul Ebenkamp is author of Parallel Realism (Despite Editions, 2017) and The Louder the Room the Darker the Screen (Timeless, Infinite Light, 2015). With Andrew Kenower he hosts the Woolsey Heights reading series in Berkeley. With strings and devices he makes music as Position. Blog: afterundisclosedrecipients.blogspot.com.

Kevin Lo is a composer, choreographer and writer based in Oakland (previously Australia, born New Zealand). He works with spatiality, machinic processes, and has a background in the biological sciences.

Nicholas Komodore
is a Greek poet, filmmaker, composer, photographer, self-taught architect and founder of Mayakov+sky Platform, an anarchist/autonomist framework which has produced collaborations with dancer/choreographer Anna Halprin, dance artist Margit Galanter, poets alex cruse, Heidi Tomoe, Alberto Tinoco Duran, Lara Durback and Brian Ang, visual artists Eliza Alexandropoulou and Christina Kamma, composers Bill Noertker, Kevin CK Lo, Dusan Chae and experimental projects Inverz, B.R.A.C. and Raspberry Fields. His poetries, compositions and architectural designs have been published in Textsound, Tripwire: a journal of poetics, Armed Cell, Lana Turner, Cordite Poetry Review, Left Curve and the anthologies "It's night in San Francisco but it's sunny in Oakland", Greek Avant-garde Poetry (Big Bridge issue 19) and "#This Is A Co-op" of the 15th Venice Biennale of Architecture. With alex cruse and Kevin CK Lo he is editing the inaugural issue of journal Radii.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Saturday, July 21: Nick Montfort, Sophia Le Fraga & Aaron Winslow

The Poetic Research Bureau presents...


Saturday, July 21 2018

Doors 7:30pm
Reading 8pm


Nick Montfort programs computational poetry and other types of creative computing, from very small Commodore 64 BASIC and assembly pieces to computer-generated books. His practices involve constrained writing, collaboration, concrete poetry, and certain other conceptualisms. His computer-generated books of poetry in print include The Truelist (Counterpath); Autopia (Troll Thread); with collaborators, 2x6 (Les Figues); and #! (Counterpath). He has done more than fifty digital projects including The Deletionist (with Amaranth Borsuk and Jesper Juul), Sea and Spar Between (with Stephanie Strickland), and Taroko Gorge. Montfort edits the Counterpath series of computer-generated books Using Electricity. He has published six collaborative and individually-authored books with The MIT Press. He is professor of digital media at MIT, also teaches at the School for Poetic Computation, and lives in New York and Boston.

Sophia Le Fraga is the author of Other Titles by Sophia Le Fraga, literallydead, I RL, YOU RL, and I DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE INTERNET. Her work in performance and video has recently been included in From Concrete to Liquid (Centre d'Art Contemporain), This Known World (MOCA), and Greater New York (MoMA PS1).

Aaron Winslow
’s novel, Jobs of the Great Misery, is available from Skeleton Man Press. Recent fiction, reviews, and essays have appeared in journals such as the Los Angeles Review of Books, Social Text Online, and Full Stop. He is currently a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of Southern California. Further information and writing can be found at aaron-winslow.com